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Learn Dancing from Kathak Artist Nirupama Ghosh

(Disciple of "Smt. Mukta Dwarika Mishra")

Through convenient ONLINE & OFFLINE


Our Specialties'





•Graceful Movements

•Right Posture


Types of Dance Form:


2.Semi – Classical




6.Personal Dancing

7.Wedding Dance

Age Groups:

Kids - Age 6 to 14 Years

Girls and Ladies - Age 15 Years and above

Rhythms of Kathak Dance School: Kathak Dance Packages

** Package 1:

  • Duration: 1 Month

  • Number of Classes: 8 Classes (2 Classes per week)

  • Content:

  • Learn basics of Kathak:

  • Namaskar

  • Introduction of Teentaal

  • Tatkaar in Vilambit and Madhya Laya  

  • Basic Hast Mudras

  • Learn to perform one Semi Classical Song

** Package 2:

  • Duration: 3 Months

  • Number of Classes: 25 Classes (2 Classes per week)

  • Content:

  • Learn basics of Kathak:

  • Namaskar

  • Introduction of Teentaal

  • Tatkaar in Vilambit, Madhya and Drut Laya 

  • Padhant of Vilambit and Madhya Laya of Teentaal

  • Knoledge of different Hast Mudras

  • Tukre in Vilambit Laya of Teentaal

  • Learn to perform on three Semi Classical Songs

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The importance of Dance in Education

Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. Creating dances also increases self-esteem which is so very important to learning. We already witness the need for children to move throughout the day. Having experienced first hand the positive effects that music and dance have on students’ development, we feel it is important for dance to be included in all elementary (and secondary) curricula.

To get kids moving on their feet is a must (especially in a digital era). Dance burns calories, strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility, and gives the heart a good workout. Dance has also been proven to increase cognitive development. Current research documents the importance of exercise on the brain and supports what dancers have always known – the body and mind are connected in vital ways.

By Sabine Howe, Physical Education Specialist


Even when I started online dance class i was worried that how it's possible the perfection with a home away learning way. But when my kids started learning and getting interested, I am so impressed that everything is possible if the teacher is like Ms Nirupama Ghosh ☺️. Thank you inspiring and motivating my child to achieve things I never thought possible which she'll never forget. You've taught her that it's okay to fail and if something isn't working there's another solution like dance steps.

Wonderful experience .my daughter is very happy while doing Kathak dance...she is an excellent dance teacher..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌝🌝🌝🌝

Thank you so much for training, inspiring, helping and motivating my kids.. learning under your guidance is truly a blessing for them..

Extremely professional and polite dance teacher. My daughter has been learning Kathak for the last 2 years under her guidance and she is doing really well.

Nirupama ji is an extremely dedicated dance maestro with impeccable record of nurturing her dedicated students with love and affection. Her love for her favorite art form KATHAK makes her one of the most sought after mentors. I wish her a beautiful journey ahead with more power to make her students shine as bright as sun.

A great learning experience under the guidance of a highly experienced teacher. If you are looking for a kids friendly , safe environment and an experienced teacher then undoubtedly "Rhythms of Kathak" is your place

Best Kathak trainer in Delhi NCR with over 20+ Years of experience. She has masters degree and gold medals in Kathak from reputed institutions. Her teaching style is so professional and best part is she explains each step with high interest.

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